I only blog from bad Wifi

Every blog has a schtick, this one’s is that I only blog from bad WiFi

I was  reading the other day about how much stress bad WiFi causes you, I think the study said cortisol levels measured between solving a hard math problem and being chased by a swarm of angry bees, or something like that.

For this little endeavor it’s perfect though, almost like it was designed for me. In fact, I know it was designed for me, by future-me, for current-me, to create future-me at, ya dig? (1)

Back to theWiFi, it sucks ass in this little corner of the yard.


Screenshot 2018-06-17 11.04.49


Being an expert on myself, I know this is intentional and designed to increase my focus and productivity and maybe shoot fewer microwaves and millimeter waves and whatnot through through my brainbox when I’m trying to think.

I’m going to start blogging+  out here. You can expect posts to occur on a regular whenever-I-feel-like-it basis. You can expect this blog to mostly cover (2) current events interspersed with a little life-stuff and things done purely for SEO test purposes.

I don’t care about my grammar or punctuation.

The Space

The Space is a weird little table built into the back corner of the yard where I write from. It’s made of rough concrete and it’s covered in years worth of moss. The dude that lived here before us poured concrete for a living and his little touches can be found all over the yard and basement.

I first laid eyes on The Space when I saw it by flashlight beam during our first walk-through of the .1 acre that would later become our chunk of the Earth. Not pictured is an old wooden park bench that accompanied it and gave it a distinctly creepy vibe. I knew it could be an important part of my future as soon as I saw it but still thought about jackhammering it out. Instead, I have decided to fix up the area a little bit do productive things in it.





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So there you have it, happy Father’s Day to all the dads of the world, time to go buy mine a bottle of bourbon.

(1)And of course, all this was willed into existence by past-me

(2) This is where I was when the neighbor’s Dog decided to come over and give his opinion on this decision by barking at me for 180 seconds straight )